CSI CampThe Centerville Police Department has long recognized that the children of our community deserve a large investment of the Department’s time and resources.  One of the basic tenants of the department is that children should feel that a police officer is someone they can know as a friend and someone that they can go to in a time of need.  The Centerville Police Department has three programs geared to reinforce these beliefs: 

CSI Camp
CSI Camp is available to those students who have just completed 6th, 7th or 8th grade in Centerville local schools. Our one-day camp offers the students the opportunity to meet and work with actual Crime Scene Investigators from the Centerville Police Department and experience the world of crime scene investigation. This unique program is ideal for those interested in law enforcement and/or forensics.

Police Explorer Program
This program is geared for high school students between the ages of fourteen and twenty years who have an interest in pursuing a career in law enforcement.  The Centerville Explorers meet twice a month where they are taught the concepts and basics of police work.  Anyone thinking about entering an exciting law enforcement career should check out the Explorer Program. 

School Resource Officer
SRO 2016On most any day of the week a student can stop by the security office at  Centerville High School and have a friendly chat with the Centerville Police Department School Resource Officer James Stephenson. The School Resource Officer position was developed in cooperation with the Centerville High School Administration to better serve the school, staff, children, and community. One of the tenants of community policing is interacting with citizens on a daily basis, which allows an officer to keep a pulse on the community they serve. Since the inception of the program there have been several arrests for offenses such as drug trafficking, drug abuse, and underage possession of alcohol that Officer Stephenson has effected simply by being inside the school and available to faculty as the crimes occur.

Officer Brad Eshler is assigned to patrol the middle and elementary schools of the Centerville School District. Both officers are responsible for assisting in student mediations, instructing on various law enforcement topics, and patrolling special events conducted at school facilities.


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