Q. When the disaster sirens are activated should I call the police department for information for weather reports? 
A. NO. Listen to your radio or television weather reports for current information. The Police Department obtains our weather information from these sources. This type of call ties up our phone lines for emergency requests due to the storm that can cause delays in responses by the Police and Fire/EMS.

DO NOT call the 9-1-1 phone number for storm information or to report a non-emergency incident. Remember, during a severe storm the dispatchers are very busy with emergency phone calls for the Police, Fire, and Para-Medics. If you need to report a non-emergency incident to the Police Department call 433-7661.

Q. When I call the 9-1-1 phone number for emergency assistance who answers the phone?
The Police dispatcher answers all 9-1-1 phone calls. The dispatcher will first ask WHERE the incident is occuring, make sure to know the address/street/landmarks that you are near to get help to you quicker.  You will be transferred to the correct agency if you are not in the City of Centerville limits.  Once the type of emergency response is determined by the dispatcher such as Police, Fire, or Paramedic response the dispatcher will do one of several things:

  1. Police response only - Police officer(s) are dispatched on the call.
  2. Fire/Paramedic response - The person calling for assistance is transferred to the Washington Twp. Fire Department dispatcher who will obtain the information to determine what type of emergency equipment to send. A police officer will also respond with the fire department.

Q. How can I assist the Police or Fire department locating my residence quickly?
Have your address displayed in a location easily observed from the street. An address displayed by the front door near or by an outside light (or reflective lettering) makes it easier for responding personnel to locate the address in day and night conditions. Also, during an emergency have someone stand by the street to flag down the responding personnel and to provide additional information.
Q. When is trash pick-up?
When a holiday falls on a Monday, trash pick-up is moved back one day. Example:  Normal pick-up on Monday will be on Tuesday. Normal pick-up on Thursday will be on Friday, etc. If you have additional questions, call Public Works at 428-4782.     
Q. Where do I go to pay fines for traffic offenses?
Adults: Kettering Municipal Court, 2325 Wilmington Pike, Kettering OH 45420, 8:00AM-4:30PM. Call the court to obtain the cost and appearance requirements.

Juveniles: Montgomery County Juvenile Court, 303 W. Second St., Dayton, Ohio 45402,   225-5462.  Call the court to obtain fine and appearance requirements.

Q. Is (John Doe) in the Centerville Jail?
A. Centerville Police have a holding facility for prisoner processing. Routinely prisoners are transported to Kettering Jail or the Montgomery County Jail until their court dispostion. You can contact the Centerville Police Dispatcher to check on the holding facility a person is being detained at if not in our holding facilities.

Centerville Police Department - 433-7661 
Kettering Jail - 296-2563 or Montgomery County Jail - 225-4160
Our female prisoners are incarcerated only in:
Montgomery County Jail 225-4160  

Q. Can I get my fingerprints made at the Centerville Police Department?
A. We provide fingerprinting services with some restrictions. Hours for fingerprints are Monday through Friday from 8am to 3:30 pm.  Click here for further information.

Q. When do I have to report an accident?
**It is advisable to report all accidents which occur on the public roadways to the appropriate police department. Do not move your vehicle, even if you are blocking traffic, until the officer arrives and can observe the scene. **However if you choose not to file a report, you  must stop and exchange information when an accident occurs. Information to be exchanged should include:

  • Name, address and phone number.
  • Driver's license number.
  • Vehicle make, model, color and license plate number.
  • IInsurance company and agent.
  • Note the date, time, location and obtain information from anyone who may have witnessed the accident. 
  • Inquire about possible injuries.   

Police departments generally do not take accident reports that occur on private property
(parking lots).  Exceptions to that are:

  • If the accident results in injury to anyone involved,
  • If one of the drivers is intoxicated,
  • If the accident results in a hit and run, or
  • If the accident is the result of reckless operation.  


Q. If I lock the keys in my car, will the Centerville Police Department unlock my vehicle for me?
A. The Centerville Police Department will respond to assist any motorist as long as the vehicle is located within the City limits. The motorist will be asked to sign a waiver relieving the police department of the responsibility for any damage that may occur to the vehicle. We cannot assist a motorist whose vehicle is located in Washington Township (or any other jurisdiction), even though it may only be a few feet outside our jurisdiction.

Q. My driver's license has expired. Can I obtain permission from the Police Department to drive to the License Bureau to have it renewed?
A. No member of the police department (not even the Chief) can give a citizen permission to break the law, no matter what the circumstances may be.

Q. If my driver's license is expired, how long do I have to renew it?
A. You have six (6) months to renew your driver's license without having to take the driving tests again. However, there is no grace period for driving on an expired driver's license. Your driver's license expires on your birthday, every four (4) years. TIP:  It is a good idea to make it a part of every family birthday celebration to have every licensed driver check their driver's license for expiration. You would be surprised how many times this has saved someone from driving illegally and/or having to take the driver's exam again.

Q. Is school closed today?
A. The Police Department does not make the decision concerning a school closing, and we are not advised by the School Superintendent when such events occur.  Please listen to a local radio or TV station or call the school in question directly.

Q. What are the road conditions?  On I-75?   On I-70?, In Cleveland?  Can you give me directions to Toledo?
The Centerville Police Department will be happy to provide directions to locations within our City. For road conditions within Centerville, contact Public Works at 428-4782. To obtain directions to locations outside our city, call the Ohio State Patrol (832-4794). To obtain road conditions anywhere in Ohio, call 1-888-2OH-ROAD. (1-888-264-7623) or visit www.buckeyetraffic.org.

Q. My electricity and/or phone or other utility is out of service.   How long before it will be restored?
A. We suggest you contact your electric or phone company to report outages and obtain information regarding the length of the outage.

DP&L - Electric Power Service 1-877-4OUTAGE
Vectren Energy - Natural Gas Service 1-800-920-9427
Montgomery County Sanitary - Water & Sanitary Sewer Services 781-2678

Q. What is the phone number for:

Centerville License Bureau - 435-5970
Montgomery County Sheriff's Office - 225-4357
Ohio State Patrol - 832-4794
Washington Township Fire Department - 433-7644
Kettering Court - 296-2461
Juvenile Satellite Court - 438-2751
Montgomery County Juvenile Court - 225-4253
Kettering Jail - 296-2563
Montgomery County Jail - 225-4160


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