Current Residential Rate
The fee for residential waste collection and disposal is $18.00 per month, billed quarterly in advance. A 5% discount will be given if payment is made for 4 quarters or more in advance. In addition to a 96-gallon container, a second container is available (64 gallon) for those residents that consistently require the additional volume. The first container is provided free of charge, but there is a $5 per month charge for the second container. If a customer discontinues the second container service, a $35.00 reactivation and delivery fee shall be charged upon the customer's subsequent request for a second trash container.

City ordinance requires that all single family residential units have waste collection service, and that all residential service for those eligible units will be provided exclusively by the City of Centerville.

Vacation Credit
If you will be gone for four consecutive weeks or more, notify the City in advance at 433-7151 and service will be discontinued and a credit issued to your account.

Hardship Exemptions
Residents who feel that paying waste collection fees causes a financial hardship may apply for a full or partial exemption.  This exemption is based on documented annual income and is approved by the City Manager.  To apply for either exemption, please call 433-7151 and an application form will be mailed to your home.

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