Recycling containers: tips for better service 
Earlier this year the first phase of City-provided recycling containers were delivered to portions of several collection routes. Over the next several years, additional recycling containers will be purchased and delivered to all residents. Our goal is for recycling, like waste pick-up, will be automated. Until you receive the City recycling container, make sure that the orange ‘RECYCLING’ sticker is readily visible on your container. If you need the sticker, Call Public Works, (937) 428-4782, and we’ll mail it to you.

The City reminds residents of the proper placement of your waste and recycling containers. We ask that your two containers – waste and recycling - be placed on opposite sides of your drive, but not within 3 feet of a mailbox of other structure. This allows our driver to clearly distinguish the containers and more importantly, it gives the arm of the waste truck room to grab, tip and dump the container. Additionally, do not place your containers in the street, as this hampers motor vehicle traffic, storm water flow, leaf collection and winter operations. As always, all items are to be placed at the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day.

Proper placement
proper placement
Improper placement    
improper placement left   improper placement right

Finally, when your waste container gets ‘stinky’ over time, here’s a tip to combat the odor: When your container is empty, pour one cup of household bleach in it, close the lid and put your container back in the garage. The bleach will eliminate the odor and will dissipate by the time you put more waste in it. It will also keep critters away. As always, contact the Public Works Department (937) 428-4782 or with questions.



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