canine boboThe Centerville Police Department currently utilizes one canine team to assist us in identifying criminal activity.  The team consists of Officer Adam Bennett and his canine partner, BoBo.  BoBo is a Belgian Malinois that was imported from Europe. 

BoBo is a dually trained police dog who specializes in patrol work and narcotics detection. BoBo’s patrol duties include: conducting area searches and building searches to locate suspects, criminal apprehension, tracking suspects or lost persons and finding evidence or articles which may aid in investigations. BoBo can also sniff out illegal drugs which may be hidden in motor vehicles, buildings, and packages. BoBo has also been used around the community at social events.

Officer Bennett and BoBo have been working together since December 2012 and also patrol the streets together. The canine team made an arrest for a narcotics violation during the first shift they worked together. BoBo lives with Officer Bennett and his family which helps them to develop a strong bond and attachment for one another.

The canine team trains regularly to maintain their proficiency skills. They also maintain their State and National certification for patrol work and narcotics detecting.

The City of Centerville thanks The Centerville-Washington Foundation and the Centerville Citizens Police Alumni for their donations which enabled the department to purchase BoBo.

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