PW APD LIGHTPOLESTo report a streetlight out, please call 428-4782 or CLICK HERE TO REPORT A POTHOLE OR DISABLED STREETLIGHT.

The City of Centerville installs streetlights along major roadways and specifically at intersections leading into neighborhoods. Dayton Power and Light/ Miami Valley Lighting (DP&L/ MVL) owns and maintains the majority of streetlights within Centerville via a street light contract with the City.  In the City's historic downtown MVL maintains the City owned colonial street lights on Main and Franklin Streets.  On South Main Street and on Far Hills Avenue between Loop and Whipp Roads, the City owns and maintains decorative street lights both curbside and in the medians.  To date there are 130 colonial style streetlights that grace the City’s downtown.


How do Residents request a streetlight in their neighborhood? 

  • Residents need to submit a petition from their neighbors to City Council.
  • Upon approval by Council, the City would install the streetlights using a cost-sharing approach with the Residents.  Residents would pay to have the lights installed and share with the City in the operation and maintenance costs.
  • To date the City has not installed street lights within residential areas as many individual properties have individual post lamps.   

Please call the City’s Public Works Department with any questions or concerns you may have regarding street lighting or to report any other concerns on your street.  Our phone number is 428-4782.

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