pw traffic signalThe City owns and maintains 28 traffic signals within Centerville.  Traffic signals operate with pre-programmed timing based on time of day and peak hour factors including traffic volume.  Most signals have loop detectors that tell the traffic signal controller that a vehicle is waiting.  The detector then tells the controller to change the signal so the waiting vehicle can proceed. 

The Ohio Manual for Uniform Traffic Constrol Devices provides the minimum criteria for municipalities in determining if a traffic signal installation is warranted.  The City of Centerville has final authority in determining need.

In 2009, The City of Centerville upgraded all controllers and signals at all but 2 intersections and switched to LED lamps which are more energy efficient.  In addition, select traffic signal poles throughout the City receive a fresh coat of black paint annually to match the decorative street lights in historic downtown.

Based on need, the City has installed audible tones at pedestrian signals at select intersections in the City.  These include North Village Dr./S.R. 48, Cushwa Dr./Alex-Bell Rd., Williamsburg Ln./S.R. 48, and Sheehan Rd./S.R. 48. 

Pedestrian Signals
Many of Centerville‚Äôs intersections also have pedestrian signals.  If there is a push button, it will need to be pushed in order to have the walk signal come up.  If there is no push button, then the walk signal will come up automatically with each cycle of the signal.

To report a change or problem in traffic signal operation, please complete a Repair Request Form or call the Public Works Department at (937) 428-4782.


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